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James Gregory

Four Online Master’s Degrees That Can Pay Off

Some students pursue graduate-level studies to evolve within their current line of work, and others hope to complement previous education with a degree that can help them make a fresh start in a new field — but what both types of students are often seeking to achieve is professional and financial growth. Pursuing a master’s […]

Fill the Role of the Modern School Nurse

The problematic state of the school nurse profession. Less than half of public schools in the United States employ a full-time nurse. Yet new health concerns have increased, which eclipse the capabilities of part-time nurses in American schools. Unfortunately, many U.S. schools — often in poor neighborhoods — lack the personnel who can identify health […]

The Top 10 Careers for Those with an MBA

Where Could Your MBA Take You A Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree can provide you with valuable knowledge of marketing, strategy, and company leadership, as well as develop your critical thinking and decision-making abilities. This academic background can make you highly desirable to employers in many areas, making it among the most versatile graduate-level […]